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New FA - top results on the EN worlds


FA - Jan 2023

Hall of fame : Top 25

FA Jan 23.JPG

Changes this time was a totally new map series with far more badges required than previously. Brew badge requirements dropped down from the usual 50 to just 25. Coin badges became slightly easier, barely noticeable, and still one of the tough ones to get. This FA did start on a Thursday ending on a Wednesday and therefor covered 2 tournaments and 2 spires.

Congratulations to every team who did a personal best!

Any discussions to be done on the other FA thread please.


So this a mix of the top scoring FS's in the FA across all EN worlds, right? Because I see some familiar names from EN1 Arendyll, but also a lot of FS names I don't recognise :)

Anyway, as impressive as the scores may seem, I am most impressed by regular FS's scoring high despite not having swapped fellows for FA-specialised cities :)