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Other New Building for Spire


Well I happen to have a big city that only started to hit the tournament harder about 4 or 5 moths ago so I don't have 5k of relics, of some I don't even have 1.5k. So basically I don't have a big stash like others and I can't keep scoring big like I used to, but maybe I'm an isolated case :)

Because I don't see the point in it. I think I have 1 expansion left (19 provinces away) and I'll get there eventually (in chapter 15 one expansion doesn't make a huge difference) and even with the now old type of tournaments I could't reach my max province. Basically the only thing that constants scouting and completing provinces does is increase my scouting time. I always have a descent number of provinces opened (10-15) for quests, but otherwise I don't scout nor complete them.
1.5k should last you quite a while, no reason to panic. It´s not like you are getting 0 from now on.

As you say: the only thing that happens when you scout is the scouting times go up. Which is in your case a non-effect, you said it yourself, you don´t need the scouts to finish fast.
You still get KP and the last expansion along with more relics... Don´t see how that´s bad...