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New AW


Now with the release of the military production buildings,a good idea for a future chapter wonder would be a % reduction to the supplies needed for training troops


It doesn't look like they have any more plans to release useful Ancient Wonders, but it's a good idea.


All ideas are welcomed, @alsael , thanks :)

And it is not about more or less useful AWs, @Pauly7 , all AWs are useful in their own way and depending on your gaming style, and goals.
Really? No wonder people have trouble reaching 10 provinces in the tourney, if they believe that....


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Please remember we have the Power of Provision spells to boost supplies as well as varous Ancient Wonders boosting supplies: Tome of Secrets, Endless Excavation and Prosperity Towers come to mind.
So not a reduction, but ways to boost to solve the issue.


it would be quite interesting to open a thread where we are trying to figure out which style of play is useful for every AW. why do I get the feeling that some style is still quite utopian to imagine