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Elvenar Team
I can't remember any Worm related literature in my youth... just The Hungry Caterpillar springs to mind!!


Why have the developers developed the pit in the FA so that you have to move the pit up the screen before you can access it. Why. oh why, oh why?

Agreed. One of my peevs as well.

Small thing, but an obvious oversight. And sooo anoying.


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Elvenar Team
@Stucon Just to shake things up a bit this particular Mod IS a Rocker :D

With regards to the Pit... without seeing a graphic i'm a little unsure what you mean but we believe this could be a potential bug? I would ask that you keep an eye out for this in the next event and send a Support ticket through to the Team if it persists! :)

Kind Regards



When opening the pit from the mobile app, I must manually drag the screen up in order to center the screen on the pit.

Very annoying that the screen is not centered to begin with. Has been this way since the introduction of the pit.


Glad this thread exists

Ive been getting almost no booster buildings from the MA for ages and its really annoying. Im lucky to get 1 a week! I remember someone on these forums before telling me that 5 a week is average. Ive crafted all the buildings you can to reduce the possibilities. It wont be long until I run out of stock.

Ive been keeping track of what buildings I get but its only been a few days so far, wonder how long of a streak I can get.


Hey Mods, (watch out for the rockers).

G'day Stucon.

That was a blast from the past. We had "Surfies and Rockers" in Australia. Some "Mods". Quite violent clashes sometimes. But mysteriously dissipated after the Beatles toured Australia in 1964.