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Mysterious Place of Friendship


@Mr.Dave the packages on offer include royal restorations with purchases today. The regular diamond purchase tab includes KP points. At least that is the offers I currently have.
Thanks, I should have been clearer. I meant the "Packages" tab that shows the Happy Place of Friendship building offers. There are four tabs across the top of the shop, on my PC screen this is the third one.


The larger packages with the Happy Place of Friendship appear to also offer AK instants.


im also wondering what @Mr.Dave is asking.

hovering over the basic one, it only gives you the building....so what is +15%? @Dizzy Lizzie @Rilian



i wouldn't be offended by an ad. i'm surprised Inno doesn't have them on our loading screens in the first place.
besides, every holiday has been commercially exploited. why should this one be any different? that's what just about any successful company would do.
i was pretty happy w/ the free gifts and declining their offer.


The special offers aren't exactly offensive... aside from the fact that on that day particularly, everything was supposedly being done in the name of friendship and Inno turned it into a Capitalist exercise... that's what left a bad taste in many people's mouths.
you speak of capitalism as if it was a bad thing:rolleyes:


Guys,Inno game us some free goodies,and put some on sale.Why are you complaining about?
No one force us to buy anything.This is a game in which you can spent nothing,yet it is playable(with some restrictions of course like less space).
Yes,I would love to have more free stuff also:rolleyes:As for spending money,you can always wait for a good offer,like +100% free diamonds with a purchase.I really like this game a lot,and the fact that the devs keep adding things,and improving the existing aspects of the game(like FA) keeps me here.:)


Ok, in my defense - I must have been exceptionally stressed and grumpy when I wrote that.

Sorry Inno, appreciate the effort you put in the game. Not a fan of (many) of your deals but that rant was not warranted.