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Mysterious Place of Friendship


Is there any info available for Happy Place of Friendship? For example such minute details as to what it does? Right now that's a bit a pig in a poke sale.


Your can find the stats for the Happy Place of Friendship building here.
For players in the final chapter this is it:
Size: 4x4
Pop: +4,400
Culture: +5,900
+1 Ensorcelled Endowment spell a day

...ah.. thats a 404 for me.


"Buy our stuff!" - "What does it do?" - "We are not going to tell you but you should totally buy it!"


I’m on app and got the pop up but the shop didn’t load, now when I open the shop I only get diamonds and no offer. Help please. :)

Shadow Mike

When you go to the shop click on "package" and it will be there : Capture d’écran 2019-07-30 à 09.11.23.png.

But I am playing this on a computer and not the mobile version.


Took a screenshot of the BETA page just for ease. I don't mind supporting the game but I still don't know if it's worth it. Population and Culture is not as good as the last event reward (Mauriel - Queen of the seas) however 1 EE enchant a day without spending relics is nice).

If I do buy it then it'll be to support the game.


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Please check again.
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Does anyone have a clue what it means on the Shop's "Packages" tab when it says "+15", "+20" and "+35"? Does it give more culture help all the time, does it increase duration or amount of given help or received help, or does it cost that much more above the prices shown?


Dear Inno,

we seem to have very very different perspectives on Friendship.
You started out so well. Some small but appreciated perks. Nothing game changing, just some free spells and some free treasure chests. putting smiles on everybody's face.

And then you had to go and ruin it. If your idea of a friendship day is to screech "Buy More Stuff!!" at everybody, I don't want to be friends with you. In fact, I rather buy questionable bathwater from equally questionable instagram personalities before I buy a single one of your "friendship" deals.

A recycled KP deal. No thanks. Your RR "special"? Jesus Christ, is there anybody at all in your team even remotely capable of understanding the terms "value" and "money". And your special building? Not only did you apparently completely miss the many many voices telling you, that your last event building is exceptionally useless - no, you actually thought an even more useless building would justify a 10 Euro price tag. Hello?

Anyway. There is a saying: "there are no wrong friends, only wrong choices".. so, do I love your game? Yes, and I will continue to play, as long as I can. Its fun.

Am I ever going to give you any more money? No. absolutely not.


@Mr.Dave the packages on offer include royal restorations with purchases today. The regular diamond purchase tab includes KP points. At least that is the offers I currently have.