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My Own Personal Thank You....


Thank you too @Herodite sorry just seen this o_O

I appreciate all your help and also see some questioning you having a city, they are not obviously aware that any staff on the forum pick a pseudonym so they can play the game they love in peace as a normal player. :eek:

I modded for a decade on another gaming site many moons ago and that wasn't the case so I used to get random abuse off opponents so totally understand why, and ended in me leaving the site in 2015. 8Ball pool was crazy there for chat abuse, hope they sorted it now. ;)

Elvernar is a game of escape, for all I know you could be a neighbour or even in my fellowship, and that is how it should be. :D


@ThornRex 2 score and ten here

To be fair I am only here because the said site hosted and heavily advertised Elvenar along with Forge of Empires, tried it out loved it and am still here years later, relaxing and none of the pressure of what became a kid's game site with all the fallout and teenage angst etc, modding became parenting so I called it a day.


thxs a lot :) .. How is it here ? you can talk openly and say whatever you want - as is usual among healthy adults; apart from insults, or is there a lot of censorship here? ... i have some extremely important critical points about the game to discuss with other players or do the moderators interfere and you don't discuss critical points? ...to put it simply - is this a kindergarten forum or an adult forum?

If you have a valid point about the game, make a thread to discuss it, look first though as many topics are already being discussed, we have a friendly mature platform here thanks to the contributors (players of the game). Not sure what you mean by *Adult Forum but I do suggest to be polite and friendly and allow time for replies.

Far Reach


Just to add (for those who don't know) that there is also a simple self-help option which we can each use. Clicking on a poster's name provides several buttons including ones to follow and ignore. Clicking on your own name (as given in the top right menu) allows you to see which posters you are currently following and ignoring, and also allows these flags to be removed.

Silly Bubbles

Is this a public forum or an exclusive private party?

It’s in the benefit of the game that everyone can voice their opinion within the rules and without public shaming. Different cultural backgrounds have different communication styles.