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Closed | Archived Multiple unwanted guesses in the Spire


I'm not sure if this is affecting anyone else, but it is happening to me so often now as to be really annoying.

What exactly is the problem? Including a screenshot can help a great deal.
Sometimes the mobile app freezes with server lag and the swirly loading / waiting symbol appears for a few seconds. I believe this is caused by the Inno servers and not my mobile / WiFi connection, but that's by the by. Usually it doesn't matter, but if it happens when playing the Spire of Eternity and crucially if it happens as I've loaded in a set of guesses onto the 5 spirits and hit send, then very often once the game comes back to life a few seconds later I find that it has deposited my same set of guesses twice and sometimes actually 3 times. It will then immediately pop up the box asking me if I want to spend diamonds to have another try.

Can you make the same problem occur more often? If so, how exactly? This information helps to find the cause of the bug.
No more often than when the game starts to have a "laggy" moment. However I would say that this happens to me probably an average of 3-4 times each week playing the Spire.

On what world did you encounter this problem?

When did you first experience the problem?
Possibly at least 2 or 3 months ago


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
It is not something we are really hearing about @Pauly7, but please raise a ticket to see if anything other than low connection speed is at play.


Oh absolutely it has happened to me once or twice and at least 1 or 2 others I have talked to on EN3.
Inno should really start thinking about offering diamonds for bugs also in live worlds just like on the beta server...