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Announcement Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity


Elvenar Team

Multiplayer in the Spire of Eternity

Dear Humans and Elves,

The Spire of Eternity is getting a brand new multiplayer feature! Starting with the next Spire of Eternity, starting on December 15th, you will now be able to collect additional rewards by completing Encounters in the Spire of Eternity together with your Fellowship. Points earned by individual Fellowship members are added to a Fellowship score, and unlock many different rewards that will be granted to everyone in the Fellowship, providing that each member reached the milestones needed to become eligible for additional rewards. Curious how it all works? Then read on for more details!

Progress in the Spire of Eternity, together with your Fellowship
Gather your Fellows and complete Encounters in the Spire of Eternity together to make progress towards additional Fellowship rewards. These rewards depend on personal and Fellowship progression and are granted after the Spire of Eternity ends on Fridays. Fellowship reward chests contain everything from Boosters, Combining Catalysts, and Portal Profits, all the way to Teleport Building Spells and Diamonds! The Fellowship Points that you gain when playing the Spire of Eternity are what's required to unlock the reward chests.

Participate to unlock rewards
It's important to note that, in order to receive the Fellowship rewards, you will need to participate in the Spire of Eternity. Fellows of a Fellowship, together, unlock rewards, but every individual player must also complete Encounters in the Spire of Eternity to become eligible to gain the rewards the Fellowship has unlocked. To help you see how much progress you and your Fellowship are making, we have created a new overview that is available as a side-panel while you're in the Spire. You can find it via the button in the top-left of the screen while you're within the Spire of Eternity.

Expanding this will make the full progress bar appear:

On the progress bar, you can see the Fellowship's overall progress (the purple bar), your own progress (shown in the center of the bar), the rewards that your Fellowship has unlocked (on the right side of the bar), and the individual progress of each of your Fellows (on the left side of the bar). Some example scenarios could be:
  • Your Fellowship's progress is ahead of your own. To obtain all rewards the Fellowship has unlocked, you'll need to complete further Encounters in the Spire of Eternity to also become eligible for the rewards your Fellowship has unlocked.
  • You have earned enough points to unlock many rewards, but your Fellowship's total progress is not yet enough to unlock them all. Let's say your Fellowship has earned enough points to unlock two reward chests and your own progression is going towards unlocking a third chest (this is the situation displayed in the image above). In this scenario, you will receive the rewards from the two chests the Fellowship has unlocked at the end of the Spire of Eternity. In this scenario, we'd recommend you encourage your Fellowship's members to also complete some more Encounters in the Spire of Eternity, so that the Fellowship as a whole also unlocks these rewards and those eligible receive them at the end of the Spire.

I'm not in a Fellowship, can I still play the Spire of Eternity?
Yes, you can. If you are not part of a Fellowship, the Spire of Eternity is available as before. But, you cannot get the Fellowship rewards of the Spire if you are not also part of a Fellowship. While it is possible to make progress towards these rewards and unlock some of them if you are the only person in a Fellowship playing the Spire of Eternity, you will need multiple people to unlock all potential rewards.

We hope that you will enjoy the new feature, and the additional rewards that you can now get from the Spire of Eternity. Please let us know your feedback by posting in the discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team