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Moving into Dwarves - advice


I seem to remember when I was doing Orcs the main questline called for 3 rally points, and then later on the Woodelves the main questline calls for 6 marble, 6 steel and 4 planks so if you are following the main questline you may find you need to build additional buildings and therefore allow more expansions.
This quest wasn't yet in the storyline when I did the orc's chapter... anyway you can build a 3rd RP, complete the quest and remove it later if you don't have room enough... But my layout for orc was fitting my intensive playing, some not beeing always in front of their computer could find 3RP and less shroom farms fitting better their activity...

But you're right about the woodelves chapter, I made a mistake again...
Corrected, thanks for noticing ;)
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A copy-paste from another thread with advice on the research-priorities once entering Dwarves,
by Shadowblack, which I feel will be good to have in this thread as well!

shadowblack said:
Here's the optimal path through the Dwarves chapter, divided in two parts:
Part 1: Advanced Scouts -> Dwarven Portal and Portal Tracks (order irrelevant) -> Granite Mine -> upgrade all to level 2 while researching Dwarven Residences -> Planks, Marble and Steel (order irrelevant) -> Copper Foundry -> begin upgrading Granite Mines and Portal to level 4. This should take priority over unlocking techs.

This leaves you with the following techs that do not require Dwarven resources: City Expansion 21, Squad Size Upgrade 16 -> City Expansion 22, City Expansion 23 (comes after Granite Mine but does not require Granite). All of them are not essensial and can be left for later, so best to work on them while upgrading your mines.

Part 2:
- Dwarven Workshop -> Dwarven Barracks. If you don't have enough Granite for Barracks - work on one of the above techs
- After that Sword Dancer/Axe Barbarian Promotion and Ancient Grounds (order depends on which one you need more) -> Dwarven Main Hall
- next you can work on three techs that all require Copper but no Granite. If you are low on Copper - work on one of the above techs or on Squad size Upgrade 17, else work on one of those techs while waiting for Granite
- next Dwarven Style Street and Dwarven Style Armory (again the order depends on your preferences and what you need) and following techs
- Dwarven Ancient Wonders

There are three spots where you can get stuck if you don't have enough Granite Mines and Copper Foundries, or if you get too many KPs from tournaments: "Tavern and Temple", "Golem/Paladin Promotion" and "Dwarven Ancient Wonders" (in other words the three most expensive techs). I have finished the Dwarves chapter in both worlds following the above path through the tech tree and I got stuck on the AW tech because of getting too many KPs from tournaments, but that's the only place where I got stuck for more than a few hours.


It may have already been noted in one of the other posts, or the posts in the links provided, but keeping an eye on your portal level and upgrading it in a timely manner can keep you moving through the tech tree much more efficiently.

Level 2 portal is required to open the Dwarf Steel and Dwarf Barracks techs. You will not have been able to get to the Copper Foundry without going through the Dwarf Steel tech, so a Level 2 Portal will be your max portal level as Portal Level 3 requires copper.

Level 3 portal is required to open the Dwarf Main Hall which will block off the remaining tech tree as it is a requirement for all the techs in the following column.

Level 4 portal is required to open the Dwarf Armory and Tavern and Temple which block off your final path to the end of the Dwarf tech tree.

For me, it was easy to get distracted upgrading the Granite Mines and Copper Foundries as they look relatively cheaper to upgrade than the portal and with the extra kp's from the tournaments some of the techs appeared/completed faster than I was planning. Not that I could not have just dumped kp's into my wonders if I got stuck.


Totally agree with that, its very easy to get side tracked while doing guest races by upgrading the production buildings first because they take less of the needed goods than the portal, but the portal is often needed to unlock different parts of the tree plus upgrading the portal will give more of the produced goods... it can become a case of sitting on your hands for a while to get that portal up as fast as possible and ignore the lure of easier upgrading of smaller production buildings first.


I pretty much feel well-equiped already with all your input, guys and gals,
regarding the transition into the settlements!

Thankfulness to all, & ... Cheers!!!


Something I whipped up for someone on the US server. A Guest Race resource management spreadsheet.
It should be of some help for a person moving into dwarves (and other races). It is intended to help you identify how many of each resource is needed so you can monitor your production

If you do not want to be scared by how many resources are needed don't look :p. You will need to download it locally so you can edit it. It is a work in progress.


Thanks, Mykan

I'm sure it can be useful to whosoever enjoys using these spreadsheets!