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Question Moved on the map


Hello fellow Elvenarians (Elvarians?),

My elven city was recently moved. Is there an option to prevent my city from being moved? I had good friends and neighbours...and I lost them all D:
I remember many years ago that there was somekind of a toggle option to turn off the "map moving". Is my memory failing me?

Nowadays, how do I turn off the map "transfers"?

Thank you and have fun!


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
Hi @Almondum Your memory serves you well! There was indeed a toggle that allowed you to stay where you were on the Map however this was discontinued at the end of last year.

The World Map is always on the move due to Players coming in and inactive Cities being removed. It's aim is to bring all active cities towards the centre, forcing the inactive ones to the outskirts.

As you can imagine, those who chose to remain, were eventually finding themselves in an increasingly inactive neighbourhood, as their surrounding cities moved across the world automatically. For this reason a Forced Mass Move was arranged towards the end of last year to solve this issue and the decision was made to remove the toggle in it's entirety to ensure this didn't happen again.

Whilst the toggle would give Players more time in familiar surroundings, it would never have given a total guarantee unless those within the neighbourhood chose to stay as well.

That being said though, if you find yourself in a rather active Neighbourhood, there shouldn't be any instances in the near future where you will be moved again :)

Kind Regards



Thank you for the explanation Herodite! I was in a very active neighbourhood actually, but I understand the reasoning to remove the toggle.
I will wait and see how it goes. Time to meet new neighbours!

Have fun,