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more ways to earn diamonds


There are a few ways you can obtain diamonds without buying them.....playing the Spire gives you at a chance for diamonds, also if you win the Genie from the Spire, that will spit out diamonds every so often...you can win wishing wells from events, if they are offered, those too will spit out diamonds every so often...completing guest race chapters will give you diamonds....crafting in the Magic Academy will give you a chance of diamonds from the mystery object.....


Plus if you enter competitions, like the one on now, you have the chance of winning some.


Complete the spire weekly without using them to negotiate is in a good felowship worth around 250 a week, then play the tourney, in a good fellowship gets blueprint each week, that is worth 300 diamonds to chapter upgrade a premium building bought or won from the spire.


I agree with what @Julian said. Selling diamonds is how Inno makes money to pay all employees, development costs and everything else that costs money to make the game. If they give away diamonds freely players will not need to buy diamonds and Inno will not make any money and the game will have to end.



Could there please be some more ways to earn diamond that do not cost money?

Thank you.
There are already so many ways to earn diamonds.
  • completing chapters
  • forum events
  • Spire
  • Crafting (fueled by spire & tournaments)
If you look and activly play for it, there are way more diamonds to get each week than you might imagine.
You can aquire up to several thousand diamonds a month if you play for it.
Off course it takes efford and you might need to adjust your city a bit to accomodate the efford to het them, and if your fellowship is not interested in the spire you might want to look for another fellowship if diamonds are a priority for you.


And don't forget that diamonds is the way Inno earns their income. They can't be too easy to get for free.
Love to see people with some sense, rare to see comments like this one :) does not matter where, or what game. I can't agree more.