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City More beautification for my city please!!

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Greeting Game Gods!
I tried Santa but his reply suggested I try here next, and kinda fobbed me off!

Again another useless idea I present, I wish to present it with my usual sacrifice of one of my finest blessed goats.

I would like another small 1x1 culture building - a "trimmed hedge" please -
this might only provide 5 or 10 culture point maybe even 1 - the cutler aspect i really not concerned about.

I have heaps of empty squares around the place in odd spots where buildings do not match up and sometimes moving building arounds even in the most efficient placement i end up with some squares - for these I place 1x1 culture buildings just to make use of the empty squares until I have the next expansion or in need of another city planning and moving things around.

currently I only have the choice of a statue or a flower pot to fill my 1x1 empty squares - which is cool and useful for the odd one here and there.

BUT.... if i had a 1x1 trimmed hedge that behaved like the pavements, trails etc where if I placed multiple trimmed hedges together they all join up and create 1 long beautiful awesome well looked after and pleasing to the eye hedge -

Even if 1 in 5 squares in a row was automatically placed with a trimmed sculpture of me, that would even be more awesome eg, a sculpture of King Wally (used from my profile pic in the game)

This would enable me to create a more pleasing to the eye city as I build and grow and my population would enjoy looking and taking photos of the crafted trimmed hedge. They wish to take selfies next to the King as they can't easily access the real king - I though some trimmed hedged sculptures of me around the city will be fine for them.

I believe maintaining hedges is not a grand job and no technology is needed for this job I can give my city gardeners a couple of old rusty spoons and they would be able to manage the city gardens - meaning I don't think we will need to "unlock a technology" for this -

just pop the new trimmed hedge in the culture window when done would be cool!

waiting to hear from the game gods when my trimmed hedges will be ready