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moonstone library


thanks for the replies am trying to place another complete set will let me place all the other pieces but not the actual library


Make sure you have 4x4 space free, that's the only reason I can think it wouldn't place as it has no other requirements I know of.


Can you complete 2 sets (so that two Moonstone libraries produce CC) by sharing buildings? So 7 buildings connected and I get 2CC/23h?

1x Gum tree
1x Mana tree
1x Endless scroll
2x Moonstone gate
2x Moonstone library


Though do duplicate buildings side by side still give you a set bonus?
Check my city... I have two libraries, and a gate in between, both have also plant, tree and scroll, I do get two catalysts a day, plus, I have a buch more of plants, trees and scrolls -gate only one tho-, and all give extra bonus (not all for the ones not touching the library ofc)