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Moonstone Library Changes just announced in Beta


[Edit, addition] Also if the production changes from scrolls to silk or crystals, would we still get the spell fragments as the additional boost? Those are even more helpful than the extra scrolls for those of us smaller, newer players without the ability to top the spire every week.
Yes, I don't think they're altering the spell fragments. Saying that, the Spire should give you all the fragments you need. When you do the Spire plus have 10 moonstone libraries, you end up with 1.4 million fragments.


Yes well as I said I'm not in a position to do much in the spire yet. Nor over the past few weeks have I got many fragments from it on the levels I can manage. But it's good news if they are not removing the spell fragments.


From the Beta Forum Community Manager:
To add further clarification to the new balancing, the Moonstone Library will produce T1 goods for the new players that have it at the Chapter 3 level. From Chapter 4 on it will produce T2 goods.



Has anyone checked the quantity of goods that the moonstone library now gives?

I did for the chapter 3 levels and the amount of t1 they are getting, is less than the equivalent t2 previously received, if said t1 is traded for t2. Only plus side, a moonstone library will now contribute to half a bracelet badge.

Honestly, don’t know why the Powers That Be decided to do this adjustment in their all seeing wisdom.