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Million Page (Chat)


I'll join in this. I've just started, and enjoy the game. I have played other building games in the past, but they had a PVP element that required constant monitoring. I am an American living in Australia, so I can speak (and write) several forms of English! :p

I am 65 years old, which makes me the same age as the rest of you (Old enough to know better, young enough to still want to try ;))

I can be a grumpy old man, at times, but most of that is Internet posturing. :cool:


interesting, let me check umm
desk, monitor, keyboard, looks like an empty pack of smarties (eww), cell phone.

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
Laptop, phone, tv remote, (empty) plate :( (I'm very, very hungry right now!), bottle of water.

*Amy Steele goes off in search of something edible*


Still waiting for something fun someone has next to them, like an.. armadillo costume or something.. :p

My list: Black hat (looks like half of a balaclava), torch, sunglasses, pencil sharpener (wahey, party time..), stopwatch.


Balaclava, torch and sunglasses? I'm wondering what you get up to in your spare time?? ;)

Amy Steele

Ex-Team Member
It's the pencil sharpener and stopwatch I'm wondering about o_O
For me today it's laptop, tv remote, purse, staple remover and phone
I'm still hungry, and not even an empty plate in sight :(

(Amy Steele hasn't had breakfast yet!)

*wanders off in search of food (again)*


I never thought my list was that weird :confused:
Black hat: No idea, just sits there. Sunglasses: Because it's summer time, maybe?! Torch: So I know where it is if there's a power cut. Pencil sharpener: Probably something to do with sharpening pencils.. Stopwatch: I'm a speed-demon and I run for my county, so I time myself.

Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping the items were for creepy stalking purposes.

Amy, my pencil sharpener wants to be introduced to your staple remover. What say you?


Hey guys
every one wrrite a 5 things beside you
ME : Tablet . wall .PC .bed .water
To lazy to read all this (dyslexia) so I'll just reply to this one xD

Pillow, Computer, Black table, Mirror, Tv remote