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Merlin's Menagerie is looking for chatty tournament players


Merlin's Menagerie has been getting at least 10 chests in the tournament and 7 group rewards in the Spire since late September or early October. In each of the last four weeks we have gone one better either getting 11 chests in the tournament or 8 group rewards (and therefore the silver trophy) in the Spire.

We are looking for one player to fill the vacancy we have with the possibility of a second to replace someone who seems to have stopped playing. Once we have recruited, we will have a group discussion on what our minimum score in the tournament should be. The Spire is optional but being keen on it would definitely be a plus. Fellowship Adventures are also optional but we expect to complete all three maps and finish in the top 50. So an interest in helping with that will also be a plus. And if you can do some chatting to help keep a some fellow-feeling going that would be good too. Help visits most days of the week are expected. Trades should be two or three stars but small cities can request one or zero star trades to help them grow.

We will accept a newish but not brand new player. So please do not apply unless you have at least 1000 ranking points and are eager to grow their city and to take part in tournaments. We will be able to help small cities with trades to help them grow. Alternatively we will take a more established player who has a good record in the tournament. (We will look you up on Elvenstats.) As far as boosts are concerned, we are most short of dust, but gems, marble, planks and scrolls are also at under 30% of our production for their tier.

Please contact Finwren (archmage) and/or elfkeldorn (myself) in game if you would like to join us.


Hi, I am looking for a friendly fellowship to join. I have been playing a few months now but I will need help at first with fellowship tournaments etc. as this is all new to me. Many thanks,