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Merlin's Menagerie are recruiting Spire, tournament players ahead of the FA


One of our long-standing players has just announced that he is quitting the game and two others seem to be inactive. We're therefore looking to refresh our membership ahead of the forthcoming FA.

In the tournament, we have been a 10-chest fellowship every week since the new system started last September and have been getting 11 chests more recently. We have even managed 12 chests a few times. We're looking for recruits to help us maintain or improve on our recent performance.

In the Spire we have been getting silver every week since some time around New Year. If we recruit the right people then monthly gold pushes might become feasible.

Having had our first top 20 finish in the last FA we're also hoping to consolidate our position and maybe go for top 10 in the future.

If you think you can help us and are also a friendly player who likes to avoid drama, then please message me (elfkeldorn) or Finwren (our archamge) in game.
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