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Question Mercenary Camp

I never use my Mercenary Camp so am thinking of selling it (as Teleport doesn't work).

Just wondered if it is likely to be needed in later chapters? I'm in Woodelves.

If so, could I build one at that point, or is it a one-off building??


Once you get into chapter 15 the Merc Camp will be near essential if you're a fighter. I never built it in the earlier chapters, but the Frogs are amongst the best units on the game. There's nothing wrong with building it later if you don't want it now, but keep in mind that you will likely want your Flying Academy upgraded to a similar level as your Needles of the Tempest, once you start using it.


Thanks, that's very helpful.

I might delete it for now then and build again later. Need lots of space for current chapter!
That is definitely a good option.

I am in chapter 16 and I produce 90% of my troops in the Merc Camp and 10% in my barracks.

Remember to build the flying Academy a while before the Merc camp, it takes longer to level up. No troop producing building is worth having without the accompanying AW...