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Mercenary Camp


I never used any merc camp troops except vallorian guard, so this is my opinion only.

I play as an elves city on my both en server worlds, Arendyll and Felyndral. So let's talk about the vallorian guard...
Vallorian guards are very helpful on many battles, like you guys said, its extra attack range makes it able to strike at a LM / most HM units at a range without being striked back. Like the treant, vallorian guards specialize against HR units, ideal for piercing them over obstacles, but just a little more bonus than the treant --- maybe the game developers made a mistake? Due to their lower HP and higher attack, when dealing with HR units it's ideal to use vallorian as an attacking unit and treant as defensive unit.

Trust me, having vallorian guards in the early game is vital to help elf players to solve many types of difficult encounters, for players still in early game, just craft vallorian valors in your magic academy and you'll have it!


Right, but that's different to spending 450k in T4 goods for level 31 before you've unlocked T4 goods.
lol that is sure true :D I didn´t even think of that! So diamonds it is :) Probably a couple of thousand. But I can´t even go and check right now I have too many sentient goods lol.


I'm not sure of the diamond maths, but I wouldn't be surprised if that was 4-5,000.
5400s diamonds for the three sentient goods 150K each. And I had stored the 250K orcs it required. I did purchase the level 31 sentient RSS with diamonds, I made the numbers, after 72 days, it becomes worth it. Level 32 is out of the picture, 2000 KP plus all of this:


I am in S&D but it has been level 31 since Woodelves.


Those sentient goods are run of the mill by the time you get to Chapter 15.
They certainly don't cost 5,400 diamonds. I am not sure I'd call them run of the mill, but with an MM spell and a boost or two, that can be done in a couple of days. 2.2m mana is nothing. I haven't seen my mana drop below 2m in a long time.

I haven't upgraded Needles to level 32, but that's mostly because I can't really justify paying 2,000KP into it just for another 4% barracks increase whilst I still have other AWs to level. To be honest I'm not sure it was worth bothering with level 31, except to say that I have at least one Wonder at 31. The last 4 or 5 levels of AWs are there for people who are a bit short of other things to do on the game.