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Masterminds want you!


Hello future fellows in Felyndral,

our great FS Masterminds (ranked 46) is looking for new active players who play at least 4 times a week, return neighborly help and most of all, enjoy the game.

Players with boosted :crystal: crystal or :elixir: elixir would come handy. We are looking preferably for players who are willing to focus on boosted goods, but it is not so crucial.

What benefits we offer:

- insight in our master plan to grow your city :p
- relaxed and friendly atmosphere
- about 6 chests per tournament
- participation in game events
- help with goods, advice, tissue when you're sad, 1-week sabbatical vacation when you're frustrated and many more :cool:

How to contact us:

Reply to this post, or apply directly in Felyndral. We are waiting for you. :D


We are now looking for active players with boosted planks :plank:, and/or silk :silk:, and/or dust :magicdust:. We prefer players with about 35000-40000 score points though.

If you are interested, feel free to apply in the game or here. We are looking forward to have you.
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