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March of Herds Problem

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell me how to complete the encounters when I need Orcs and have not reached Fairies yet? I can not fight the encounters as my army is not strong enough.

I can not see a way to complete this Event for players in my position, and have been asked by my team mates about the same issue.



Make sure you have not forgotten any provinces that can be completed without Orcs. That's the ONLY thing you can do if you don't want to spend diamonds.

Apparently there's a very small number of players in this situation (needing Orcs to negotiate before reaching the Orcs chapter), so the devs won't do anything about it. :(


I believe this issue has been addressed in this quest as the tasks requiring opening provinces also have an option of obtaining relics instead. Relics can be obtained from tournaments and from daily treasure chests. I also have a city surrounded by Orcs and am on the Fairies chapter, so this is a great relief to me!

The voices of many Orc-bound players have been heard by the developers! :p


Thank you for the response. I was getting worried as it would appear I need Orcs for all provinces now. I look forward to continuing my efforts and will advise my colleagues :)


Indeed, I hope the developers will continue making quests and events this way, so that everybody has a chance at completing quests even when stuck on the world map or tech tree.