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Mana and seeds in the Spire

Lady Croft

(Not the only member of my FS saying this): Would it be a possible consideration to remove Mana and divine seeds from the Spire's spirits' stealings... sorry; convinces? I am having to give up the Spire at the first instance of a spirit asking for Mana (today it's the second blue portal, and I can't beat 2 waves by fighting) as I simply cannot afford to throw it away in the ridiculous quantities asked. Or at all, for that matter. 25k a turn?
Mana is required for settlement productions, and for research in huge amounts, it's now in provinces and tourneys and I cannot cater for the Spire as well. The tourney rounds asking for Mana/ seeds get skipped.
With the goods, we can produce them, speed them up, enhance how many we produce. Mana & seeds? Once you've run out you have to wait. All well and good, but it's too slow, and at some point you're playing catch-up because you've used all your spells for the Dragon Abbey to give Mana for every spell cast, your M. Academy is 24/7 spitting out all spells. And I stupidly upgraded my MS Gate past the Mana and into moonstone where I wasn't paying attention and was thinking 'ooh, more Mana, lovely'. Now it's no Mana from that source and I asked if it could be put back a stage to no avail. :(
I'm not in a hurry to progress through the game, I just can't keep up. Same with supplies; unless I sit and spam 5 min productions for an hour every day, (which I don't do) I don't have enough supplies for training or goods, it's one or the other.
Also with the Spire... what is up with chest 5? Every time it's a loss if I fight, yet 6 I can beat. (Must be something about 6s, because Tourney round 6 has become unbeatable lately, too).
Please... let's not have Mana and seeds as choices? I realise Inno wants to slow us down, but I'm not trying to rush through the game, I'd like to play the Spire, take part in the tourneys...

Sir Derf

Consider adding a Dragon Abbey if/when it is available to you. Provides Mana when you use an enchantment. Out of Mana? Cast a few Ensorcelled Endowments.

Also, the game is about choices, decisions and working with finite resources.


I have chosen to only fight the Spire. I need troop boosts if I hope to enter the High Halls. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't :cool:

Lady Croft

Yh... I mentioned my Dragon Abbey :) it's level 12. I just can't produce enough Mana to keep up with general play; I have no spells left (having used them to get Mana), and I'm playing catch up with my MA churning out spells to use for the DA to give me Mana.... so if they took Mana and seeds out of the Spire (etc) equation it would really help with general play.
I think I'm going to spend no resources etc for a month and see where that gets me... But regardless, I still can't afford 25k Mana per guess in the Spire. Even if you offer that last, it's still not an option for me. Others in my FS are scratching their heads at that, too. Instead of a joint effort for the Spire, it means a boycott by the higher chapter folks.
I'd love to only fight the Spire... I save up the troop buffs and do a push once I have around half a dozen. Mostly I stop at the Frog Prince... if I get there :) Sometimes I auto, other times I 'join in'...


What chapter are you in? I'd guess halflings or elementals?
Mana was a crunch resource for a while, but a couple of chapters later it has eased considerably, and I barely ever need to actually use the DA to get more now. For me mana in the tourney/spire is a free option. Sentient goods in the spire on the other hand...

There will always be one resource which limits you, but it varies. I'm not convinced mana in the spire is the problem - it just seems like the sympton of that being the current limiting resource for you


@Lady Croft, as Turing says above me, in various chapters we experience various limiting resources. In some chapters it’s indeed mana (or seeds). Here’s the mana situation in my three cities:

- In Halflings it’s indeed not easy with mana. I’m finishing that chapter in my young city and I also had problems with mana in Spire. Especially when it came to the “special week” when we do Spire up to the very top. Only thanks to my experiences from older cities was I able to reasonably manage. (EDIT to add: That city has limited number of placed expansions which sort of magnifies any limitations a chapter design can impose on a player.)

- On the other hand my 15th chapter city doesn’t even need to look at mana balance. I don’t remember the last time I was concerned with mana there.

- On yet another hand my Team Spirit (currently the last) chapter city would use ANY amount of mana and still it would lack some. The amounts required for various upgrades as well as researches are insane. However, it doesn’t really affect the Spire, because by that stage a player must fight it, not negotiate it.


Been stung a few times myself in the spire not only for lack of mana or seeds but something as common as supplies.Always best to check before you go in and make cuts or add resources as needs be.


I am always happy when mana or seeds is an option for catering, they only decay if I don´t get rid of them, so it´s basically a free guess for me :)