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making combat more fun

i generally like the combat in this game. i find managing all of the variables and trying to win w/ as few casualties as possible to be fun.
what stinks is that there is too much monotony in tournament fights. there are only a few types of enemies we fight in each tournament. it's not very fun when the next fight is pretty much the same as the last fight. there are lots of things they could do to add variety, like add new units and/or combinations of units. why does every silk fight have to have dogs, sorceresses, and those orange rock guys that look like the Thing from the fantastic 4?

to make things worse, now some of us don't have much of a reason to fight in regular encounters any more because there's no more land to win. i used to enjoy these fights the most. i could do some crystal and silk fights. when i got tired of doing those, i could find some variety by doing a few steel or plank fights and use completely different combinations of units against different combinations of units. i could also fight at my own pace. that was a fun way to spend a few hours on weekends when there aren't tournament encounters to fight.

now that fighting in regular encounters is more pointless, combat is usually limited to having to clear too many encounters too quickly so that we can get in as many of the 6 tournament rounds as possible. BEING RUSHED TO FIGHT, HAVING TO FIGHT WHEN TOURNAMENT PROVINCES OPEN UP, AND THE MONOTONY OF THE FIGHTS TAKES A LOT OF THE ENJOYMENT OUT OF COMBAT FOR ME. i'd rather have a variety of fights to choose from and be able to pick and choose when i want to fight. wouldn't you?

they could add more expansions or even more kp or cheap instants for us to win by solving regular encounters. they might have tried to do this by adding complete 2 provinces to the event quests that repeat but this also dictates when we should and shouldn't fight.
they could extend tournaments to run for the whole week.
they could have 1 of the 4 tournament encounters have enemy troops that are from a different type of province.
i'm sure there are lots of ways to improve the variety besides the things i mentioned without having to add totally new features.
maybe this is a bad time to post this w/ the spire coming out tomorrow. maybe it isn't. people are saying the spire isn't worth doing yet.
2 player co-op would be cool. but it took them forever just to add the spire to the game as a 1 player version.
they could have added a lot of variety just by mixing up some of the combat features they already had.