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Mail too slow, bad to use no copy paste ...


I hate your Mail system. You cant add ppl (new members) to an already used Groupe Mail. You cant delete ppl from a message. You cant copy paste. And so on... and if you use the same mail for a longer periode it opens very slow.
Check the mail system of TW2 (it is from you too) and implement it to this game!
Many thanks.


If the mail is addressed to the whole fellowship, adding a new message to the thread will add the new member automatically. An old member gets removed automatically as well. But if the group mail is addressed just to a few people, then as you stated it is not possible to add or remove people.


Thanks LadyHavva, Thanks Dizzy Lizzie I will try that out and I will also pay more attention to the updates as well as to the forum :) Merry Christmas