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Magnitude - Looking for your application


Magnitude is a new fellowship that got a late start in this new, 1 week old, world.
Magnitude is an established top 5 fellowship in this new world. We were ranked 3rd at the time that I last updated this post.

It was created on May 23rd when 3 top players weren't entirely thrilled with the current options – we felt that we could create something better.

A place for ambitious yet down-to-earth, friendly people to thrive in.
A place where everybody helps each other out, whether it's by sharing ideas and advice, or trading goods.
A place where the sum is greater than the parts.
Together we will aspire to be a top fellowship in the long run.

noun: magnitude
  1. the great size or extent of something.
  2. the degree of brightness of a star.

Our mages form the Order, and its members are: Jimlun, Jaelyn, Hazelnut12, and Serafi.
Contact any of us with an in-game message if you have any questions.

We don't have any internal rules, but of course we expect regular activity:
  • Neighbourly Help
  • Producing and trading your boosted goods
  • Some activity in the chat – the more, the better!

If you have any NH preferences, you can list them in your city name in order of preference.

Main Hall: M (or MH)
Builders' Hut: B (or BH)
Culture: C

At the time of writing we're at 16/25 members, so if you're quick you are very likely to be accepted. But even if our fellowship appears to be full, we will consider all well-written applications. We're looking forward to receive your application!

We're probably full with 25 members, but check us out in-game and see our description for the current status. We may be looking for particular boosts, and if so the description will tell you all you need to know. And we always consider all well-written applications!

Archmage of Magnitude
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