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magic academy crafts


I know I make too many suggestion posts,but when you have an idea,why not telling it?:)
How about bringing back old event set buildings through crafting?For those of us who have missed them,or want to have a better version of them.
You can make it a theme: for example,we can have the ability to craft old snow event sets during Christmas for a limited period of time,let's say 2 weeks:rolleyes:(having the crafting ability for this at a permanent basis,will somehow "cancel" the power of the RR spell)
(if this idea has already been suggested,pls forgive me)


I like this idea a lot, especially since I'm in a FS that doesn't get 10 chests and the blueprint so I can't get many RR spells. There are a few buildings I didn't get and I wanted to have and a few I had to sell that I really want back :)