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Magic Academy - Crafting: Mystical Object Reward Update

Problem: Getting enough Vision Vapor to fill the Mystical Object is a challenge and once filled the prospect of opening it for the reward is supposed to be...well, rewarding. However, the prizes are sometimes Buildings, which are always so very lousy. With the exception of maybe the really new players/cities they provide absolutely no benefit to the point where some people play the ironic-game of "Who has the most Winter Lampions?" for sympathy points.

Fix: The other prizes in the Mystical Object; be they Diamonds, KP or Time Instants; are still very useful to all players, so keep them. The problem is the Buildings you can win; so either swap them out for something useful, e.g. the new Troop Instants, or make the Buildings you can win useful. Make them a Trader Outpost, or Wishing Well, or Carting Library/Monument of Knowledge, or Ferris Wheel Galore, or even just a Rainbow Flower Cage. You know, things that people can find a use for other than disenchanting. There are plenty of other things to disenchant, so we don't need useless buildings from the Mystical Object to add to that disenchant list.

Please and thank you.


I agree, almost completely. The exception may possibly be the Windmill of Evil, which many find useful. The rest are just a hindrance for most. You're right, though, that for a player in the first few chapters they can make use of some of those culture buildings like Frozen Flames, but for most of us they're just spell fragment fodder.


I would say the best building is the Igloo Festival, but basically every building that gives Pop is useful. Not sure the Venars Rocks II are still in there, haven´t seen those in ages, so they may have been removed at some point.
Anyway I find even Mana Sawmills have a right to be there, even though I personally have no use for them. The only thing completely useless are the Culture only buildings, but no matter what I think there are lots of people out there that actively want culture buildings. So I think your chances to get rid of those buildings are pretty close to zero. Also people will never be happy, if those buildings are gone, the next one will come and complain about 35 KP are way worse than 50 or whatever, it is human nature to complain...
Anyway I have made my peace with them, there always have to be some crappy prizes, too, kind of makes me more happy to get a good prize when I know I could also have gotten some crap lol.