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'Lucky Little Fin' questline event, in Beta server


The Seahorse Hoops are back!

The most anticipated sporting event of Elvenar is about to start once again, bringing new experiences and challenges never seen before!
Rufus, our dear friend and the biggest fan of the Elvarian Games, has asked to meet with us to watch the spectacular games of this year. He is especially intrigued about Grand Hippocampus Hoop Derby, since it features a racetrack that is designed to evolve over time! Seahorses of Elvenar will compete in each stage, challenging their speed, durability, and wits. While everyone cheers to the stronger and more beautiful seahorses, Rufus notices a little runty seahorse among them, and he feels a deep sense of empathy towards it. What will happen to it, and can it ever hope to win?

I will publish our usual comprehensive guide to the event tomorrow, once more information is available, including screenshots, quests and prizes. You are welcome to share the link with friends; it requires no special program to open it.

The official announcement is here:
The event features Glory of The Nimble evolving building that gives Pop, Culture and random rewards.

NOTE: The Beta version may not be identical to the one that appears in the Live Worlds.



Stages 1-4 have a 33% drop rate
Stages 5-7 have a 25% drop rate
Stages 8-9 have a 25% drop rate for the first 3; 5% and 20% for the other two


This is what a player would get in chapter XIX:
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They are making the buildings too complicated now. Although I might want some components of level 10, there are other levels more addressing what I think I need. That is to say if I read the above table correctly. 50 kp in one go, sounds like devaluating kp.

Sir Derf

5% chance of 50 KP once in 24 hours... That's roughly the chance of getting 50 kp once every 3 weeks... Or more evenly, about 2.5 KP per day. Out of a 4x4, 16 square building

By comparison, a 1x2 Carting Library gives 1 KP every 24 hours... 2.5 Carting Libraries taking up 5 squares gives the same rate, guaranteed. Remind me again, I forget, do we get Carting Libraries in Fellowship Adventure Map Chests and most Events League Rewards? I'm sitting on a bunch from my current and previous chapter that I haven't bothered placing yet, must have gotten them from somewhere...

And that's just looking at buildings... Every one of us gets 24 KP a day. 2.5 more a day? *yawn*

I'm looking at that 25% chance of Unurium. Is this the first event building that can give Unurium?



Values for a player in Chapter XII


I do the Hoop calculations for those who are interested in math; there are other methods out there that might give different results.
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Sir Derf

Boblin's and Nimbus give Unurium with Chapter XVIII, Team Spirit. Well, I think I know what I'm holding my RRs for...


'Lucky Little Fin' questline event will run from June 21 - July 13th.
Read all about it here: https://tinyurl.com/2685k5sv
This is a .doc file that can be opened on an ordinary PC without any special programs, and you are welcome to share with friends and fellowship.
Note that the Live Version is not always identical to the one in these notes, which we recorded in actual gameplay on the Beta Server.

Announcement just made on the German Forum:




Please feel free to share these event notes with friends and fellowship: https://tinyurl.com/2685k5sv
This file does not require any special program to open it.
The information was recorded in actual gameplay in Beta Server - there may be minor differences in the Live version.