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Looking for ?

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I'm kinda new to the game just starting Chapter 4. Learning as I go so of course I'm making mistakes.

I"m looking for some friendly hep and support. A No Stress fellowship, Fair Trades. A fellowship that is not going to have a kitten if I have to be inactive for a day or 2 here and there as I have real life things that can and do come up.

I"m an active player ( on every day ) I"m in the USA.
My boosted goods are -- Marble, Crystal, and Gems.

I made my own Fellowship- Called Freedom Riders - I can delete it or can add to it.


I have just sent you a PM about our Fellowship Arte et Labore. I am the Arch Mage there (under the name Maharet). Please let me know if you are interested in joining. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Good to hear you found a home ;)
Closed on request of OP.
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