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Looking for relaxed fellowship


Hello, my main city is in Winyandor, but I have just started to play on Arendyll.

I am looking for a happy go lucky fellowship, that participates in events but doesn't push, also doesn't have a set requirement for touraments every week.

I need to trade but at the moment am unable due to not being in a FS and having mostly inactive neighbours.


Hey Satro! You are welcome to join "Silver Lightning " in Winyandor! we are a chilled out, growing fellowship. we do participate in tournaments and quests, but no set requirements, no compulsions. we just have fun and do i much as we can. we do like to interact with our members on the clan chat as well. We do fair trades too.
Do look us up and let us know :D !
Azuri Yeong


Hello Satro :)

My fellowship might be right for you. We participate in tournaments and FA but there are no set limits as to how much points/items you must deliver, we all just do as much as we can in that particular moment. The only rule we have is fair trading. People are friendly and helpful. There is no drama... The name of the fellowship Is "A place to call Home" in Arendyll. I can send you an invite if you want. Are you using this name?


Hi Satro,

I'm a long term member of Easy Elvenar and we only have a couple of rules - that you visit regularly and that you offer fair trades. Other than that, we focus on fun and not competitiveness.

Tournaments and FA's are completely voluntary and we have a great group of members. Some chose to chat, others just chill and build up their city. We also have a number of members with more established cities that are really great at taking trades of fellow fellowship members.

If you're interested, please look us up. :)

Kat - aka KatNip.


Hi Satro. I've sent you an invite for our fellowship Mayhem. I notice you're boosted in planks and magic dust, which we're weak in. You'll get your trades lapped up (we're evens on silk).

We're a no obligations fellowship. Usually open five chests in the tournaments, but occasionally do all outs. More details on our overview page, or message me in the game. Cheers, Julian


Hi Satro! According to your description you would be a great fit in our fellowship The Ronin. We've been around for a while, good vibe and friendly players but we do require members to be active. I just saw you're already in a FS, but check us out anyway and keep us in mind in case you'd like to find a new house. Take care and happy gaming! ;) Lee


Note: This is an old post, Satro has started growing with our team.