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Looking For Newbies


If you're new to the game and you have no clue what you're doing then this is the place you want to be!
You can find Oath of Loyalty in Winyandor on the EN2 server.
We are a small, Very active and friendly Renewed fellowship dedicated to helping new and low level players grow their cities.
We are experienced players looking to pay it forward.
We enjoy chatting and getting to know our fellows players WITHOUT drama.

We are pretty relaxed and have a few guidelines:
Visits : Daily visits are best as they help with coins and supplies.
Trades : Fair trades only and no cross trading.
Manufactories : Only build boosted manufactories.

if your interested don't hesitate to message Wienchie or Tessa925

Happy gaming :)
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I am a total Noob and really have no idea what I am doing. I do not know how to join a fellowship.

Deleted User - 849071913

Hello, i am a newbie playing through the app. Could you mind i join your fellowship?


Joining a good fellowship helps you in many ways. Team work in tournaments and events, trades. Priceless information and help.