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Looking for new players

Happy Friendly Underdogs are looking for new players :)

We are a friendly and helpful fellowship trying to strike a balance between putting no pressure on our fellows and being very active.
We encourage everyone to do their best but we don't have any rules except fair trades and being nice to your fellows.
We get 11 chest every week, sometimes more, and we regularly reach the 9th chest in the Spire (occasionally 10)
We also really like to play Fellowship Adventures and our best ranking in FA so far was 5th. The new FA format is a bit taxing on resources so we do our best every other Adventure and chill and do just 1 path on each map the next time.

Your score and chapter are not important (we can help smaller cities grow faster), only your enthusiasm for the game and team spirit counts.
Although all players are welcome we would really appreciate someone with boosted steel.
We have 1 free spot as a fellow left us unexpectedly a couple of days ago and we might have a second spot as one of our oldest members sadly seems to have quit the game.

If you are interested in joining us you can DM me either here or in game: Little Lilith on Arendyll.