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Looking for FS

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Hey there I am not really a new player but I am new since I joined this game at the very end of Dec 2017.
I am looking for a FS that will allow me to be me and not dictate how I speak or what content I speak
about. Do not worry I will not talk about religion or politics ingame those things are def not to be talked
about in a game. I am a frequent player as my game is up on my pc all day and night long. I help others
and do every tourney and FS- adventure,I do all my visits and chat in the chat so please check me out
and message me ingame.


Could you clarify what you mean when you say you want a fellowship that won't limit what you speak about? For example, are you after one that would allow swearing? Or one with only adult players? Or one that doesn't mind topics that some people may consider inappropriate/rude/crude/whatever? Or simply one that allows or encourages discussion about non-game topics? Have you perhaps had a bad experience that you're hoping to avoid a repeat of?

Also, I understand that there's some topics and language that are forbidden by the game rules, so wouldn't be allowed no matter which fellowship you were in. If you're referring to any of them, then you're out of luck.
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Thanks for your reply but found a FS that I will fit into well thanks though.