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Looking for friendly team players in Red Tribe


Our Fellowship has been a friendly no fuss team and in the past year or so grew stronger and stronger. Based on previous Fellowship Adventure results I suggested a plan for the current event which the team had the chance to discuss and it was agreed before we started. We had some people who decided they were going to do it their own way and, just as my Fellowship began filling in all pathways at Stage 3, this group of selfish players rushed ahead and spitefully jumped us into the pit too soon. This obviously then wasted a lot of the items we had been making and were still creating. They left us as a group and we are still stunned and shocked. I am looking for replacement players who will work well as a team and will talk politely if they disagree, but accept if the majority decide otherwise. I need friendly people who will communicate and will take part in tournaments and the Spire. We simply ask for fair players who realise this is just a game but will do their best.