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Looking for an active fellowship

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I became disillusioned with my last fellowship, only about half participated in tourneys and adventures.
I have boosted steel, crystal and elixir, and boosted sentient planks, and score between 1000 and 2500 in most tourneys, with a score of 184135, ranking 1651.
Australian. If you like that, give me an invite.


Hi Rocket, we could be a good fit for you in Arte et Labore, I will send you an invite.


We are a small Fellowship but quite active. As you can guess I am Australian as well, however our other members are worldwide. You would be an excellent addition to our Fellowship.With your experience you could come over as a mage. Will send an invite.


Hi Rocket, The Ronin' might be the place for you if you haven't yet found a new FS. Come visit us and in case you're interested, feel free to contact any of the Mage or AM.

Lady Monica

Rocket I am assuming you have already found a lovely fellowship, if not we are on the lookout for a active member. Check us out, let me know if you are interested. We are the Travelling Blueberries
Lady M


hello i am with eden we are a friendly bunch we like to help our members grow and help out with as much info as we can. we like to take part in a chosen tournament which we all agree on and this gets us 10 chests most times we do fellowship adventure unless we decide as a team not to everything is talked about and decided as a group we welcome new players as well as experienced players and as i said b4 we will help you grow and learn if needed hope to see you with us


Are you looking to join a new fellowship? We at Sunshine *Recruiting* are an up and coming fellowship, looking for new active members! Giving neighbourly help and contributing towards the Fellowship Tournaments and Adventures. Trading at a fair level either 2 or 3 star trades. Enjoying the game and bringing sunshine to others is essential.