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Looking for an active Fellowship!


Hi, I am looking for an active Fellowship, that like to chat (English), as communication is crucial to progress of a fellowship. I do fair trades,2* and 3* in both level and cross tier trades, I take part in tournaments and adventures and like to see most members being active in these.

I play at all times between 5:30am and 10:30pm BST, I play on both PC and I-Pad, so I receive messages. My present points are 19070 and I am just away to start Chapter 5 in the Research.

If your fellowship meets this criteria and can offer me a place, please message me in-game.


Enjoy your game ;-))


hi BBB, I see you have a city in Wyniandor too (en2). Too bad that there you are in a FS already.
Happy gaming! :)


Thank you for responses, I have now found a Fellowship!