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Looking for an active 10 chest Fellowship

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I am looking for an active fellowship that gets 10 chests in the tournaments at least a couple of times a month. I am currently in a lovely fellowship but there are only a couple of players that play the tournament seriously and so I'm depleting all my troops and resources and still not managing to get a blueprint to upgrade my Magic Workshops. I have just entered Dwarves and am very active, visiting daily every few hours (one of the benefits of working from home, lol). I am keen to advance and develop, to learn and assist others! My boosts are planks, scrolls and dust - my stats are:
Screenshot 2019-01-06 14.39.52.png

(Athough Elvenstats hasn't yet updated for the dust tournament, where I scored around 1400).



Boudicca's Iceni is the original 10 chest fellowship. We snag 10 chests every week for the last 81.
Look us over, send me a mail in game if you can score 1000 or more points a week every week and FA while doing it.
so official.... not a single word about me ... :D