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Looking for Active Fellowship without visit rules


I've been playing this game for 3 years. I have active accounts on all 3 worlds. On the other 2 I'm in Halflings and just about to finish sorcerers.
I'm looking for an active fellowship that does not have visitation rules.. I do not need the hassle of having to dispose of another 500K gold and 50K supplies on a daily basis (yes you can be more than self sufficient in both of these!). Even with the Blooming Trader there is a limit to what is worthwhile using the wholesaler for...
I actively play the FA and between 4 and 7 provinces 3 or 4 times for tournaments (depends on IRL commitments and work).
My boosts are Marble, Silk, and Gems. Currently about to start Woodelves.
Contact me in-game.


Hi there, we are looking for experienced players to help us. Because we are all small cities the larger fellowships are not interested in us. As a result we are stumbling blind trying to figure out game dynamics. We would value your knowledge way more than you visiting. I cannot find you in-game to message you tho


Hi Fyrebird

Poseidon is in the process of weeding out inactive players so have spaces to fill. We are happy to accept new/less experienced players and assist them to enjoy playing the game.

It can get boring if you are not aware of what you can do.

Check with the rest of your fellowship. Poseidon will be happy to accept you.