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Looking for a tournament oriented fellowship


I am a daily player and my city on Arendyll is early chapter 4 at the minute with boosts of marble crystal and elixir. This city can contribute 1000 tournament points per week at the minute and finishes the first level of the spire. I am looking for a fellowship that get at least 7 or 8 chests most weeks and will try for 10 chests occasionally.


Hi Stephen,please look at Guardians of lost dreams,we average around 4 to 5 chests but just need a few more members to achieve more,we have just started to try for a 10 chest every couple of months. Cheers Gypsy


Hi Stephen - Gnome Warriors would welcome you!! We are ranked 99 on the fellowships list and have 1 place left! You sound like a perfect fellow for us! We usually get to 5 chests, but with your input would achieve 7 or 8!! Have a look and apply to me - pepper16! Cheers!


Hi Stephen if your still looking we have space we are building up to this we usually manage 5/6 chests gradually getting more active players spire is very active and do pretty well in tournaments we would love to have you on board if your still looking. We are Portal apply to me Schnukie. Thanks.


Hi Stephen if you are still looking please check out Elite Phoenix Recruiting we fit the criteria you asked for and are looking for keen players to help towards the 10th chest. We also have a higher fellowship that we can feed on to which currently get 10 chest regularly along with gold spire results


Hi Stephen - are you still looking?? You are welcome to Gnome Warriors - just send a request and I will accept!! Cheers, pepper16