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Looking for a relaxed FS

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I’m rank 415 (or so), my score is 201000, and my boosted goods are marble, crystal, and gems. I’m looking for a FS that is reasonably active but with no highly-competitive goals like getting to the top-20 or something. I do my visits semi-regularly (I can usually guarantee 5 out of 7). As for other activities, it really depends on what’s currently going on in real life, so your FS should be OK with occasional zero participation from me.

Please, ignore this message if you are looking for top-scoring highly-active dedicated players. I’m looking for relaxed FS with no pressure and for people that understand that this is, in fact, a game.


Hi there, we may be smaller than you want but we are pretty active but totally understand people having lives too. We are pretty quiet unless it is for an adventure and we try to co-ordinate who's making what. Feel free to check us out The Forge of Elvenar


Hello! We are Man-At-Arms. Sounds like you would fit right in. We are relaxed and really have no requirements except visits a few times a week, steady growth, and trades. We participate in tournaments and events but no pressure if you don't care to. Your boosted would complement what we have. Please give us a try!