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Looking For A Possible Merge


Hi...I am Archmage of Dragons Keep, If you are Archmage of a Fellowship and are struggling to find new fellows, this could be the answer, please message me to discuss :)


Hi All - we are on server en1 so you need to be on same server we would consider a merger if the Archmage will consider it


Just to let you know that I successfully found a merger for my FS a few months ago - it is possible and with care it can work very well.
Just needs q a bit of pre-planning and negotiation of terms (agree to mutual name change, numbers of officers, who will be AM). Most of all, make sure you are on the same page wrt participation.. are you a fun casual FS or a serious one with lots of coiners?
I would def. look for another merge if things got tumbleweedy again, but for now we are 24 all active!