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Looking for a new fellow


Hello folks :)

We are a friendly fellowship trying to strike a balance between putting no pressure on our fellows and being active.
We encourage everyone to do their best but we have no rules except fair trades.
We are currently trying to improve our tournament scores. We get 6 or 7 chests depending on the tourney and are looking for members who want to help us with that. Ranking and boosted goods are not important, only your enthusiasm for the game.
We also do well in Fellowship Adventures. We always finish them and we were even ranked 18th last time.

If you are interested in joining us you can either contact me here or DM me or find me in the game: Hekata on Arendyll, The name of the fellowship is: A Place To Call Home.


Hello Little Lilith, did you fill your spot.? If not I would like to join your fellowship, sounds like just what I'm looking for. But would not like to let down the fellowship I'm in. So when the Zodiac is over. Regards Siobhanne