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Looking a FS which likes tournaments :)

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I have a small city here on Felyndral - only have my first boost, but not far off researching the second.

Boosts are steel, scrolls and elixir.

I'm an experienced player with 2 cities on Arendyll and Winyandor, both are waiting for the Amuni, I also have another small city on Beta.

I like tournaments! Weird, I know ;), I tend towards daily visiting, might miss the odd one or two once in a while, don't like cross or unfair trading, and although I'm not desperately keen on the FA I always participate - no point being a member of a FS if I don't do everything.

I'd like to find a FS with the same values as me.

Thanks for reading!



Sorry, I'm in Arendyll.. sure you will find a good team there too & some lucky FS happy to have you. Tournaments are the best btw! :cool:

Morning Town

Hi Lisica,

Darkmere would certainly welcome you :) We are a 3-4 Chest Tournament fellowship - with a great team effort on the last Fellowship Adventures!
We are a friendly, non-pressurised fellowship. Visit when you like

Darkmere is a drama-free place where everyone helps one another, where we treat others the way we would like to be treated ourselves, and where we can relax and enjoy the game!
We have active members who provide daily support, visits and lots of trading, who partake semi-seriously in Tournaments; who believe that the well-being of the fellowship is just as important as their own game.

We don't set many rules and prefer to manage ourselves without the pressure of having to meet quotas of visits etc. We also like a chat now and again
Our main 'rule' is that players should have lots of fun! :)

Contact me or the AM skyesiren if you are interested.

Best wishes,
Morning town
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Hi Morning Town

Thank you for your offer, however I've now accepted an offer from another Fellowship.

Having checked your FS out on Elven Stats I don't believe that Darkmere and I would be a good fit for each other, but I wish you well in filling your vacancies.

Kind regards


This thread can now be closed as I have found a new FS.
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