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Listing of 1-star or 0-star trades should be limited to a certain number

Multiple listing of 1-star or 0-star trades are

1. unfair for players who has just coming to a new chapter
2. predatory to pound on people making mistake, when the mistake is huge with unfair exchange
3. creating a false shortage by hoarding certain goods. In war-time, hoarding is a crime.

Trading is meant to be for Technology Activation. Some players use trading as a mean of profiting and sharking.
Not only 1-star or 0-star trades make Elvenar very unfair, unfriendly but also very dirty and messy in the trader post.

People with 1-star or 0-star trades, especially those with long list of these, are not genuine players.
They are the parasites in Elvenar. Or in 2020, we call Virus.

Players with long list of 1-star or 0-star trades should be banned from trading, to give Elvenar a CLEANER place.
If you are one of them, redeem yourself, and you'll be proud that "I built my city by hard-work and honesty".


This subject has been discussed many times. I don't think Inno wants to limit people in what kind of trades they want to put on the trader.
A good solution that was suggested by players every time the trader is mentioned is to just give us filter so we can search by stars. Although I have to say that, since the 1 and 0 stars come last, it's really not a big deal, I just stop scrolling when I see the 1 star appear.
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Personally I don't make any 1 star or 0 star trades and I agree that it is sometimes frustrating if there are lots of them clogging up the trader.

However, what they are not is "unfair". That implies someone is forcing you to take them. If I see a shop that is selling bread for twice the price of the neighbouring shop, is that shop being unfair to me? No. I just shop at the other place.

Also, I believe all the 0 and 1 star trades appear at the end of the list now, so it's quite easy to just stop scrolling when you get that far.
this is exactly what elvenar's wiki page says--
"Build up the most beautiful city and establish the most efficient economic system that you can!" "You can either become a skilled and well-known trader, refine your producing art or lead your troops to victory "

they suggested that i should profit from trading and that's the route i decided to take to grow both my cities and my fellowships. economics is about the distribution of goods as much as it's about production.

nobody goes hungry from hustling elixers, planks, steel, etc. most of my profits came from cities larger than mine. small cities aren't profitable to trade w/ so i helped them by accepting their trades if they took the small step to post their own. as a merchant city nearby, i wanna see them grow. also, there are more fellowships looking for people than people looking for fellowships, so there's plenty of help available. anyone can post an ad here or on facebook and they'll be flooded w/ requests to join this or that fellowship, flooded.

this is a game that's played competitively and some of us need our wits to compete w/ wallet warriors that spent $1000s competing for top rankings. those wallet warriors have unfair advantages also since many of us can't afford to spend that much on a game. Inno Games itself is financially sustained by profiteering in the real world where people do go hungry and have addictions that cause them to spend more on a game than they can sometimes afford.

in wartime, wars are won and lost from controlling the most supplies, like oil, steel, food, etc. there were many, many contributors to the fall of the 3rd reich and imperial japan but nobody contributed more economically than companies like ford, GM, chrystler, GE, etc. france, UK, russia, and others all used sherman tanks and other things provided by these companies that profited greatly during that time. they profited so much that companies w/o wartime contracts couldn't compete w/ them in the decades that followed. mitsubishi, mercedes, rollsroyce, etc. were no different. some of those profiteers are considered by many to be saviors of the free world.

so called "fair traders" exploit the economies of cities that spent days preparing for things like tournaments when they expect even trades for goods the day a tournament starts when almost every city is looking for those same goods. the free market raises and lowers prices daily based on supply and demand. this is how prices change in the real world. supply and demand change, so prices must change as well, like the price of gasoline, corn, and milk.

to put it another way, if you're trying to trade leftover halloween and xmas candy for an equal amount of valentine's candy in early february, who's ripping who off? are you gonna give your wife leftover xmas candy on Feb 14?

profiteers like myself are offering more options to cities than"fair trading" fellowships. "fair traders" aren't helping their own fellows because they don't have much incentive to trade. that's why people from those fellowships end up buying goods from people like me. i'm providing a service to them that's obviously not available to them from their 'fair trading' fellows. i also bore the burden of saving goods so i could profit while others selfishly spent their goods on their own cities instead of saving for themselves or their fellows. do you expect interest free loans from anyone?
i take offense to being called parasite, virus, and not a genuine player. amazon and your local convenience store are much more parasitic than what i'm doing. i'm not selling supplies that are essential for living. i'll bet even your government, in whichever country you live, calls those places essential businesses, not parasites and viruses.


At the end of the day there is no right way and no wrong way to play the game, everyone can play the game the way they want to (within INNOs parameters). If a player does not like 0 or 1 star trades no one is making that player take them. If you do not want a player to make a profit from you just ignore their trades, thats what i do.