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Answered Less tournament provinces when a new one started



I found out that in this silk tournament I have only 4 provinces, but at the previous 2 (crystals and scrolls) I had 6. I am a new player, so for me is odd to "jump" from 4 to 6 (when I've reached a new chapter) and then "jump" to 4 again. Is it normal?

Thank you!


Each World Map province is linked to a type of goods. For each new province you discover that makes one more of that type available in each tournament. You can go to your map and count them up.


Thank you so much for your help! I don't know why I thought, that the number of provinces is linked to the chapter.


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Elvenar Team
Check and see if you have blue or green Silk Provinces available on your 'Scoutable' list. If you are able to fully explore these before the end of the Tournament you can get some extra Rounds in ;)


Rilian, thank you. I am in Chapter 4. Every Provence is orange or red. And I still need to research Squad Upgrade 11-12. I can't fight 300 with my 170 fighters. :) And negotiations are hard. They are very demanding. They don't settle for a few goods. :))
If all your provinces are orange or red the game is telling you you are taking provinces to fast. Also in the lower chapters you are better off catering rather than fighting, your troops really are not advanced enough yet, despite how demanding that seems
Also if you are trying to make all goods rather than just your boosted goods (planks, scroll & dust for you) then that restricts the numbers of goods you can make. Stick to boosted goods manufactories only and trade for the others - that will more than double goods production as your boost is already over 300%


@foolfighter, thank you for your response. At the moment, I need to have all of T1 manufactures. Most of the members are at chapter 1 or 2. And my neighbours don't seem to accept my planks. :) Our Archmage tries to help, but it is a lot to support us all. :) When my fellows will grow, I hope I will able to concentrate only on my boosted goods.

Thank you very much for your help!