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Left the game so here is some feedback.


Since the introduction of HA as a permanent feature I have left the game. I thought rather than just go I would supply you with some feed back on why. The game has lost its spark for me. It feels more like a chore than fun anymore. Why this is so comes from a number of reasons

  • Slowness of the game play and lag introduced by permanent HA.
  • Inability to quickly provide neighborly help. This has become more and more of a drag and seems to take longer. Perhaps you could really look at making it easier for players to do this.
  • No build ques. As I work I can't be on all day every day which is what Inno seems to want. I would have loved the ability to put some upgrades or builds on a que and come back at my leisure without penalty. The KP's are a prime example of this. Why limit them to 10.
  • Inability to interact better with my fellowship. The whole fellowship process is clunky and unwieldy. It could sorely do with a makeover and allowing fellowships to have their own forums would be a huge advantage. Your notification process leaves a lot to be desired and there is no way we can have information saved to provide to members. That really is a bad move. You need to give fellowship Mages much more information on their fellowship that they can use to help run it. For example just being able to see when a player was last on and provided NH would be a huge benefit.
  • No way to earn diamonds in game. As the game is so heavily focused on diamond usage it would be nice to have had a way of earning a few here and there if you don't want to spend real money on them. Maybe cater a little bit for the non coiners once in a while.
  • Overall the game has just become a little bit too boring. It drags out a bit too long. I know this is deliberate to force people to buy diamonds but maybe your a little bit too far that way
  • Failure to adequately respond to support tickets. Wont say anymore on this just that I was not impressed.
  • Builds and production are favoured for those on more permanently. Plus you cant do the same time for everything. I can put on a 2 day production for goods but the max I can do for supplies is 1 day. So if I am away for the week end I only get half the supplies I normally would have. Maybe make the same periods available for all things.
  • Fighting. Cant say anything more than what has already been said here many times. It sucks. The bigger you get the worse it becomes.
  • Restriction of free trade to discovered neighbors. Why? The more trade the better. Why restrict it.
  • And the final reason is that the game was becoming just to invasive in my life. To perform well on this game requires you to be constantly on it. That just does not suit my life where I have to balance family and work. I liked the game but I don't want to let it rule me. It would have been nice to have a few more options to suit my playing style.
Anyway hope this helps in some small way. Cheers and good luck


Ex-Team Member
Hi Ecurb -

Thank you for your feedback! As with any feedback, we do our best to make sure the development team gets a chance a review it.

- Aider