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Knights of Hammer is recruiting


Hi All,

I'm looking for one new player to join Knights of Hammer. We are currently ranked 21st on the server. We are tournament focussed and easily open 10 tournament chests each week. Everyone needs to be capable of scoring at least 1,000-2,000 points every week. That is the only real requirement.

Participation in the Spire of Eternity is optional, but strongly encouraged as the better the team does in the Spire fuels our tournament success better. If you're able to complete at least the first two levels of the Spire that goes a long way with me and can make up for any tournament struggles. So far we have won a silver medal each week and are reaching the third point from the top as a team.

We like to play in the Fellowship Adventures, but we do it for fun so it isn't mandatory. However, we like to push ourselves in all forms. Last time out we finished in 12th place and are looking to be a top 10 FA team next time.

We run 6 simple KP swap threads and there are weekly reports, plus weekly KP prizes. We also have a Discord chat server for easier communication.

The size of your city is not the most important thing, but the best suited players are generally above 200k as that often enables better synergy between players in trading and KP swapping.

If you are interested please feel free to send me a message, either here or in-game.