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Knight of Hammer is recruiting


Hi everyone,

We currently have one spare space in Knights of Hammer on Arendyll for an active player. We are a top 20 fellowship, usually opening 13-15 chests each week in the tournaments. The bigger focus right now is the Spire. We are winning gold medals at least once every 4 weeks and are also starting to get golds on some weeks in between. We are looking for someone who can reach the top at least some of the time and preferably be able to consistently at least reach the top of level 2 each week.

Fellowship Adventures remain optional, but we have fun competing in them, so if you have an enthusiasm for FAs then that is definitely a plus point.

Other than that we also have a NetZero KP swapping scheme, weekly fellowship reports and weekly KP prizes for those players doing the best in spires and tournaments.

If you're interested, please feel free to drop me a message either here or in-game.