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Jumping Jellybean Recruiting :)


We're the Jumping Jellybeans! We're currently ranking #34 on the server with bunch of active players!
If you are active, dedicated, and loyal, then you're looking at a right place to join.

We don't have much special requirements for you to join beside visiting everyone's city at least 4 times a week and a minimum 500 point participation in our weekly tournaments. (We have been a 10 chests fellowship for the past month, please help us keep it up)
Spires/Fellowship Adventures are not required but always nice if you like to chip in a little more to help us grow together.
We have AW Trading Threads to help each other to get extra bonus chests.
In the ends, keep in mind that we are a very friendly and easy going fellowship, so please play fair and be nice to each other.

If you are interested, please PM our Archmage: Piper870 in game.

Happy Gaming, Cheers :)